We are one of the UK’s leading smartphone and tablet repair services. If you have a broken smartphone or tablet stress no more, as we collect the device from your location and one of our professional smartphone and tablet repair engineers repair your device the same day. Our service is fast, reliable and convenient. Don’t have time to go to a shop?! Fast Phone Repairs will come to you at a time and place of your choosing and will deliver the device back to you once it’s repaired.

Fast and Reliable Mobile Services Any Time



Home Button Problems

Home button of Samsung every set is different and highly sensitive to pressure and damage. It is difficult to repair or replace...

Cracked LCD Replacement

Damaged smartphone mobile screen is one the most common causes of injury to a phone. Simply dropping a phone can cause the screen to....

Mic Repair

Has your baby been sucking on your mobile phone and now people cannot hear you at the other end of your call or your phone’s microphone suddenly....

Speaker Problems

Whether you are watching a YouTube video, a film or popular TV serial or listening to your favourite artist a clear audio is incredibly important...

Water Damage

If you have accidentally dropped your smartphone down the toilet, left it in the toilet while having a shower or dropped it in the pool.

Charging Repairs

Have you left your phone on charging and it is not charging at all or you find that your phone charges at times by refuses to charge at other times?

iPhone & iPad Repair!

“Fast Phone Repairs” UK’s top smartphone and tablet repair service. The easy and fastest way to repair your devices. We Repair your Phone at a Time and place that suits you. Our Technician will repair your phone at a time and place convenient for you. Our service is fast, reliable and convenient. We will also deliver the device at your convenience.

First, tell us the problem

We’ll pick your device up

We’ll bring your device back the same day

We only charge you when the repair is done


We’ll repair and diagnose any Mobile problems

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    0203 399 8326


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