Water Damage

If you have accidentally dropped your smartphone down the toilet, left it in the toilet while having a shower or dropped it in the pool. There is no need to stress. Our highly-qualified water damage repair engineers can fix your mobile phone on the same day. There is no upfront cost and our service is hassle-free as we come to you to collect your phone, get it fixed and returned to you at a time and location that suits you. Our water repair engineers are very well trained to deal with water damaged mobile phones and tablets, as it is a very common way of damaging smartphone.

If your mobile phone has taken a drunken and still appears to be in working order, we recommend that you switch your phone off as it can cause short circuit further damaging the internals of the phone and making the repair more expensive. We also recommend that you remove the sim card and battery (if possible).

Simply tell us the make and model of your mobile phone or tablet either by contacting our friendly customer services team or filling the form on our website. We have designed our service to be super fast as we sympathise with the pain and agony of functioning without your smartphone. You can have your mobile phone fixed and back in your pocket or a bag within the same day. There are no hidden charges as we quote you the price of the fix before we collect your device. The online form is very simple and takes less than 5 minutes to complete. It will also tell you the cost of repair. Our prices are very affordable than most high-street shops and online services. Our water damage repair technicians use high-quality parts to replace the broken parts. Thus, we do not compromise on the quality of the repair. All our repairs are guaranteed so you can leave your damage device in our possession with confidence. Let us take care of your beloved device and we will fix your phone while you enjoy your day.

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    0203 439 0417


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