Speaker Problems

Whether you are watching a YouTube video, a film or popular TV serial or listening to your favourite artist a clear audio is incredibly important for your multimedia experience. However, if you have issues with the clarity of the sound on your smartphone or tablet than it is likely that there is a problem with the internal speaker of your device. Our expert repair technicians and help you get your device repaired. Fast Phone Repair is a fast, reliable and hassle-free service. We come to you to collect your broken device at a time and location that suits you. We will than have your device fixed by our local repair engineers. Your smartphone or tablet will be returned to you on the very same day, to minimise the agony of living without your mobile phone or a tablet. Our service is very fast and easy to use. The faulty parts will be replaced with high-quality replacements by our experienced and very-well trained technicians. We also provide warranty with all our repairs so that you can leave your device in our possession with confidence. Our prices are very affordable compared to many same-day repair online services and high-street stores.

How to determine if you are having speaker problems on your smartphone or tablet?

No sound. This could be due to many different reasons.


If the sound is not clear at some locations whilst okay at others. The problem in sound is caused by low-quality network coverage. If the sound is static, distorted or echos but unaffected when the phone is connected to a hands-free speaker or a Bluetooth handset than it is likely that the smartphone is experiencing speaker problems.


If the sound of your device works at times but not at others and works with some features and not others than the issue is hardware related. However, if you find that the sound is working for alarm clock and ringer but does not work for a game or an application than it is due to an incompatible software. This issue can easily be fixed by updating your application.


If you cannot be heard by the others no matter where you are. It is likely that the issue is hardware related. This means that the speaker itself has damaged and needs replacement. If you find that, there is no sound when the smartphone is moved than it can also indicate hardware issues and might be due.

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