Cracked LCD Replacement

Damaged smartphone mobile screen is one the most common causes of injury to a phone. Simply dropping a phone can cause the screen to completely shatter into pieces or develop multiple cracks. If you have accidentally dropped your phone or knocked it off the coffee table on a night out, breaking your smartphone or tablet screen does not mean that you should invest in a completely new gadget even if you don’t have an insurance.  The broken screen can easily be replaced to original by our expert screen repair engineers without costing a fortune.

We sympathise with the pain of our customers as dropping a phone can sometimes give you a mini-heart attack. Fast Phone Repair provides an affordable and fast repair service. We understand that living without your mobile phone can be nearly impossible. Therefore, we fix your screen as fast as possible and your device can be returned to you the very same day.

Using cracked phone screen can cause a lot of risks. Using cracked phone screen can affect the functionality and productiveness of your smartphone or tablet. It can even affect your health. Using a phone with the broken screen can affect the touch functionality. Not only do you have to compromise on the accuracy of the touch-screen with not responding at times, it can cause the touch functionality to completely stop responding altogether. The fractures on the screen allow dust and debris to make their way into inner parts of the smartphone and over long-term can cause extra damage, making the repair more expensive. In addition, if your smartphone is water-resistant, breaks in the screen render the water-resistant capability.

The breaks in the smartphone or tablet screen can distort the high-definition display particularly in the vicinity of the cracks. This can cause one to squint eyes when reading Facebook messages or newspaper articles. Hence, viewing cracked screen can be significantly more eye-straining than an intact screen.

Many people use smartphones as GPS. A cracked screen with an unclear image can cause the driver to look at the screen for longer. Hence, taking their eye off the road and increasing the risk of an accident. The cracks on your smartphone can cause cuts on your fingers. These may be harmless but can be painful if you hurt yourself with small glass splinters.

Get your screen fixed. Simply give us a call or fill out the form on the website. Fast Phone Repair aims to provide a hassle-free service to our customers. Our team will come to you to pick up the broken smartphone or tablet screen, get it repaired by our highly-experienced screen replacement engineers and we will return your device to you the very same day. There is no hassle of going to the shops and our prices are comparatively lower without compromising on the quality of the new screen. Our screen replacement engineers are very well trained and are highly experienced.  Thus, the screen is replaced to a high standard and all our repairs are guaranteed.

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