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Have you left your phone on charging and it is not charging at all or you find that your phone charges at times by refuses to charge at other times? Is your phone charging very slowly? Contact Fast Phone Repair today. Our expert repair technicians can help you get your device repaired. Fast Phone Repair is a fast, reliable and hassle-free service. We come to you to collect your broken device at a time and location that suits you. We will then have your device fixed by our local repair engineers. Your smartphone or tablet will be returned to you on the very same day.

Our service is very fast and easy to use. The faulty parts will be replaced with high-quality replacements by our experienced and very-well trained technicians. We also provide a warranty on all our repairs so that you can leave your device in our possession with confidence. Our prices are very affordable compared to many same-day repair online services and high-street stores.

Sometimes the charging issue could be due to the software malfunction, where your smartphone is unable to recognise the connection between the charger and the mobile phone’s USB port. However, this cause is difficult to detect but can easily be fixed by resetting the smartphone.

Charging cables tend to get damaged quite often and if there is a problem with the charging cable it can easily be recognised by using another charging cable. The solution is simply investing in another charging cable. Charging problems is most commonly caused by damage to the USB Port inside your smartphone or a tablet.

The damage is caused by continual plugging and unplugging of charging cable into your phone. Our expert technicians can repair the device by replacing the damaged USB port with a high-quality piece.

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